Complaints And Representation Procedure


Grenfell club is committed to providing high-quality care to all our members. If something goes wrong, we need people to tell us about it. This will help improve the service.
The Complaints and Representation Procedure seeks to ensure that, members and other stake holders:
1. Are listened to by our organisation
2. Are able to affect the service they receive from the Grenfell Club
3. Have a say in the decisions which affect them.


In the event of a complaint or representation being received the following procedure applies:
Stage 1
1.1 Details of the complaint/representation must be passed to the Manager or in the Managers  absence, to the Chair of Trustees within two working days. Where the complaint/representation concerns the Manager or Chair of trustees, it must be passed to another trustee.
1.2 The complainant must be informed within 5 working days about who is dealing with the3 complaint and when they will receive a response. Where the complaint/representation is made by telephone full details should be recorded.
1.3 It is the Managers responsibility to ensure the complaint is fully investigated. This may include discussing the situation with a staff member/volunteer and /or contacting the complainant for further information.
1.4 Basic information about the complaint/representation must be recorded in central Complaints and Representation file and an initial written response sent to the complainant within 5 working days. This response should also be kept on the central complaints and Representation file.
1.5 Within 20 working days they should be a substantive written response to the3 client. The response must be offer the complainant a review if they remain dissatisfied and, where the complainant is justified, an apology.
If the person is not satisfied then
Stage 2
2.1 The complainant/representation will be passed to the chair of the board of Trustees, who will contact the complainant and appoint and appropriate person to investigate. A decision about the appeal will be communicated to the complainant within 20 working days. The complainant will be informed of progress and of the decision. If he/she is still UN happy they may ask for a further review. The response should be kept in a central Complaints and Representation file.
Stage 3
3.1 The complaint/representation will be considered by a panel of three people- and independent person and two trustees, of the Grenfell Club not previously involved in the investigation/complaint/representation. The complainant will be invited to attend this meeting and to make their complaint/representation. The panel will make their decision within tow working days. This will be communicated to the complainant in writing and recorded in the central Complaints and Representation file. If the complainant is unhappy or n ot satisfied with the handling of the complaint/representation, he/she may wish to seeks external support.
Review of Complaints and Representations
The manager will review all complain t/representations annually and identify any trends emerging.
This information will be reported to the Board of Trustees and will inform the review of the services and staff appraisals, where and when appropriate.
The Review of complaints/representations will be recorded on the central Complaints and Representation File.

Approved December 2015/16/17/18 Chair of Grenfell